What is a Wellness Collective?

The Blissful Heart was founded as a multi-disciplinary practice with a shared goal: To provide a supportive environment where those seeking – and those providing – wellness services can heal, learn and grow.

Clients will find personalized and beneficial health and wellness experiences. Our carefully chosen practitioners are certified, highly experienced and bring their own unique approach to their respective modalities. They are passionate, caring and take an active role in your overall well being. They truly listen, and tailor their treatments to your individual needs.

Practitioners will discover an atmosphere that supports their professional and personal growth. A place where interdisciplinary practitioners are encouraged to share ideas and techniques, and work collaboratively to help our clients flourish.

The Blissful Heart’s Founder, Leslie Cohen, nurtures and encourages all to find their bliss – and be true to their heart.

About Our Founder

Leslie Cohen, LMT, is Founder and Owner of The Blissful Heart. A massage therapist with over a decade of experience, Leslie established The Blissful Heart to provide a haven for those like herself: Deeply caring, gifted practitioners in search of a place to practice and collaborate.

Leslie is licensed, certified and experienced in Therapeutic Massage, including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports and Energy Massage techniques, as well as Ayurvedic Bodywork. She has been a student of Ayurveda for nearly 25 years, and brings her deep passion and respect for this 5,000-year-old health science to her practice.

Leslie also has done extensive Aromatherpy training with David Crow and Jade Shutes through Floracopeia, a boutique essential oil company in Grass Valley, California. She is working towards certification through NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy).