An intuitive approach to healing is when we view the body-mind-spirit system as a unique environment that naturally wants to heal. This system is constantly evolving in response to our life experiences and what is needed for health changes, alerting us to imbalances in the form of symptoms. The body is our greatest teacher and can guide us to what support, physical, mental, and energetic, is necessary to bring us back to a state of wholeness and health. In the process we build a more conscious relationship with our whole self and learn to live in a way that promotes and maintains health and wellness day by day.

Personalized programs may include

  • Nutrition, diet, supplementation
  • Use of homeopathics, herbal, and flower essence remedies
  • Yoga, breathwork, meditation
  • Prayer and/or spiritual work or practices
  • Energy healing such as reiki or Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)
  • Theta Healing

Healing Visits


First Visit: 2 hours: $175
Follow Up visit: 90 minutes:   $125

Veronica uses a form of applied kinesiology (muscle testing) combined with an intuitive reading of the body’s energy field or aura, to help determine physical, emotional, and energetic factors creating disharmony and illness. She then works with clients to develop a personalized wellness plan to address their particular concerns. Each visit concludes with 20 minutes of energetic bodywork.

Call (201-857-4403) or email for an appointment or

for an introductory demo.(45-minutes for $50)